Matthew Collings Mix

Scotland-based sound artist Matthew Collings has built a formidable career in live performance, music for film, installations and of course album releases. Recently Denovali put out his second full length album 'Silence Is A Rhythm Too', which is "about trying to find grace, space and expanse as much as tension and menace, and reconciling the two", as well as re-releasing his debut album 'Splintered Instruments'. Collings explores noise and experimental sound with a range on instruments, something which helps create his unique sound; his approach to rhythm also provides an urgent tension and pulse, describing life and death, noise and silence. Fans of Ben Frost or Tim Hecker will find much to love in his music.


Matthew Collings by Futuresequence on Mixcloud


1. Mount Eerie - 'Lost Wisdom Pt2'
2. My Bloody Valentine - 'Loomer' (Matthew Collings Unofficial Remix)
3. Glenn Branca - Symphony no. 5 : 1st Movement
4. Raime - Your Cast Will Tire
5. Steve Reich - Different Trains, Movement 3
6. Morten Lauridsen- '0 Magnum Mysterium' (Sung by Edinburgh University Community Choir)
7. David Lang - Little Match Girl Passion: When It Is Time for Me to Go

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