Anenon  Acquiescence EP

Los Angeles based composer and multi-instrumentalist Brian Allen Simon has been keeping busy – not just with releasing tracks for Alpha Pup, Brownswood Recordings and running his own Non Projects label but also assembling this EP under his 'Anenon' guise across just two weeks in two different continents (Madrid and LA).

All five pieces within the EP sit across multiple musical territories resulting in some wonderful sonic juxtapositions that draw references from the LA beat scene to jazz and also shades of modern classical reflected in the use of piano and saxophone.

'Clairvoyance' opens like the start of a classic Sigur Ros track with majestic grand piano repetitions against a fizzing background of processed saxophone hum. Then out of nowhere a Plastikman style roll beats out the kind of crescendo usually followed by a blast of white noise and a 4/4 thud. Here, though, we are instead treated to a subtle melodic shift rather than fist pumping the air moment.

Title track 'Acquiescence' builds emotive piano around a string quartet before a skipping beat accompanies a thick playful sub and twinkling melodies. Anenon's breathy tenor saxophone stylishly concludes the melodies including a bit of a jazzy wig out for good measure. The sax is initially an odd concept within this style of music perhaps as its use seems fairly sparse in the genre - it really adds a unique twist here though.

'Rites' marries a tearful neo-classical piano motif with jumping 909 rhythms and a  straightforward three note rounded sub line creating a timeless piece of organic/electronic music – one of those tracks you feel you've already heard somewhere before and mentally logged as a 'classic'.

It's really interesting to hear the results of multi-instrumentalist musicians working in the 'electronic' sphere -  throwing new slants and ideas into the genre. Anenon's approach has resulted in a gem of an EP that doesn't pander to any pre-conceived 'LA musician' fashion-led ideals  - it's not a hyper modern production of the wonked out fuggy beat laden psychedelic variety but rather a highly adept convergence of classic composition and electronics.  We look forward to the incoming LP 'Inner Hue' later this year.

Anenon – Acquiescence EP is out 27th March 2012 on Non Projects

Review by Andy Gillham

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