Kyle Bobby Dunn - Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn

The only possible initial reaction to Kyle Bobby Dunn’s leviathan release Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn is that of child-like excitement. Whilst the sounds of the album itself seem to cast Dunn as Marielle V Jakobsons’ calmer brother musically, the aforementioned excitement comes simply from the inescapable recognition of Dunn’s ability to so beautifully - and effortlessly - sonically represent raw, pure catharsis. Flitting between ten and fifteen minute clouds of minimal ambience such as tongue-in-cheek The Calm Idiots of Yesterday and shorter, more musically luminescent tracks such as album opener Canticle of Votier’s Flats - which not only serve as palette cleansers, but offer up an ever-more intimate picture of Dunn as a composer; one not able to hide himself behind his larger, generally denser works - Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn stands among those very select albums that perfectly bridge the enormous gap present between abstract, ethereal sound and emotional relevance within ambient music.

It is in fact those shorter tracks on the release that offer up, at times, some of Dunn’s most emotionally engaging work to date. Within the genre, the tendency to create longer tracks is almost predetermined by the sounds that the artists are working with, and the moodscapes that are generally being envisaged. Dunn’s ability to then condense these materials into nuggets no longer than the average pop song, yet still create sonic images that really resonate within the listener is his biggest achievement on the album.

Most impressively of all however, is that Dunn’s ability to create beautiful ambient miniatures doesn’t in any way impede his songwriting on the longer tracks of the release. Tracks such as the aforementioned The Calm Idiots of Yesterday and fourteen minute goliath La Chanson de Beurrage allow the listener to fall backwards into Dunn’s soundworld without thinking, waking up as the final synth wave echoes into the soft void of feedback that seems to permeate the album. Kyle’s second release on much lauded label Low Point, Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn is - hyperbole aside - one of the albums of the year. Very much recommended.

Released 25th June 2012 on Low Point -

Review by Max Hampshire


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