Mix - Damian Valles

Canadian experimental artist Damian Valles creates ambient works mainly from guitar, but also utilising field recordings, piano, and percussion. His two albums Count(r)ies and Bow Echoes were release on labels Under The Spire and Resting Bell respectively, He is also curator of the Rural Route series which has seen releases from Martin Clarke, Machinefabriek, The Gentleman Losers, Kyle Bobby Dunn and himself for example.

Damian recently released 'The Waves That Destroy', a limited 100 copy piece on Hibernate Recordings' new postcard series, now sold out.




3m by Chris Watson [2007, Oceanus Pacificus]
Uncertainty In Copenhagen (Nowhere To Turn) by Hummingbird [2011, Our Fearful Symetry Remixes]
Arana I by Mick Turner [1999, Marlan Rosa]
I Can't Fall Asleep by Picastro [2005, Metal Cares]
VI by Lumen [2001, The Man Felt An Iron Hand]
Laudanum Tusk by Æthenor [2011, En Form For Blå]
INQB8TR by Bark Psychosis [2004, Codename:Dustsucker]
Aramaiti by Jacob Kirkegaard [2005, Eldfjall]
Sin Nanna by Sunn O))) [2005, Black One]
El Merreon by John Parish [2001, How Animals Move]
Your Rats Are by Tara Jane O'Neil [2001, In The Sun Lines]
And Keep Smiling by Rachel's [2003, Systems/Layers]
Myrmecia by Solo Andata [2010, Ritual]
Mares by Damian Valles [2011, Fixtures]
Slow Response by Trans Am [2000, Red Line]

Mix - Damian Valles by Futuresequence on Mixcloud

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