Review - adlr - Foam on the Waves of Space Time

Nicholas Morera is 22 year old Los Angeles based experimental artist. Having studied compositional techniques at in Germany, 'Foam on the Waves of Space-time' is his debut album, released on NonProjects. Also home to experimental beat artists Asura and Anenon, and vocalist Ana Caravelle, NonProjects is a label in its infancy, but already carving out a experimental and eclectic totem, which stands out against the already saturated LA beat scene landscape.

Morera releases under the mysterious moniker 'a.d.l.r', the album title however is able to provide more insight into the artist's intentions. A reference to Gérard Grisey's work 'Le Temps et l'Écume' (or 'Time and Foam'), Morera notes that Grisley helped found the notion of spectral music, a mode of compositional thinking reacting against the abstract schemata of serialism. The focus then is on timbre and time. Whilst this is an important foundation for consideration, it doesn't stop the album being accessible for listeners.

It's difficult to condense this album into any one category, expansively absorbing many genres and sound sources as it does - sample-based drone electronics, with elements of techno and other beats seeping in. Oneohtrix Point Never's 'Returnal' offers a comparison for example on track 'Tactility of Time', where Morera - son of a session jazz saxophonist - lets his roots show; off-key sax arguing with itself and other warbling sounds, before a ghostly piano plays us out. As the album progresses, you can hear the consideration applied to each track, highly detailed yet retaining an impression of space. Faint references can be found in The Softest Shade of Purple - a muted Aphex Twin 'Digeridoo', elsewhere, 'Music is Rotted One Note' Squarepusher, and hollow abstract textures of Autechre.

This album comes highly recommended, of what is an exciting and accomplished release from such a young artist. Intelligently constructed abstract drones, recorded vocal samples and post-everything beats make for a memorable listen, get it now.

'Foam on the waves of space-time' is released digitally and on limited cassette,  not to mention being mastered by Taylor Deupree.

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