Ana Caravelle - Basic Climb Re-imagined

Ana Caravelle has one of those unique voices that defies categorisation or comparison.  Although you could say she shares the same quirky quality of Joanna Newsom (they also share the same instrument, the harp) for the most part she's on a planet of her own. Singing 'Darlin darlin' on the first of two remixes of 'Basic Climb', its as if she's curling the words around her tongue, in her sweet American folk tones, hypnotising the listener and holding us captivated.

With the number of remix albums coming out at the moment reaching saturation point, it's fortunate then that this album lives up to its name.  This is the wonderful Basic Climb 're-imagined' by artists a.d.l.r, Shigeto, TAKE, Anenon, Yuk, Julia Holter, Dntel, Dakim and Dibiase. Each understanding that Caravelle's voice is indeed something unique, and the instrumentation that supports it is of equal quality.  There is something fantastical to Caravelle's music, maybe its the folky nature of her voice, the piano and harp, or the ever-so-slightly ramshackle composition. Rather than sit the vocals always high in the mix, at times they become another instrument, cut up, looped and layered into a chanting army of Caravelles.  

Dibiase and TAKE focus on the beats, the former hiding the vocals far far away in the mix so that they make only a ghostly appearance, the later choosing to make good use of the stunning harp sound.  a.d.l.r and Yuk deliver the most bizarre psychadelic interpretations of the source material, pushing the music to its outer limits, threatening to rip the very fabric its built from.

Dntel throws Black Canyon into a series of fluxing loops, whilst Shigeto stamps the track so clearly as his own, that it could have well appeared on his LP of last year 'Full Circle'.  Anenon's Drone Mix, featuring crystalline reserved samples, is a real gem, settling into a laidback percussive beat early on, and working on the premise that less is more, adding very little else to the track. As is only fitting, Caravelle's husband and fellow NonProjects artist Asura, tenderly handles 'Blackberries' to close the album.  His and Julia Holter's version - earlier on in the album - are both highlights, but this may well be testament to the beauty of the source track and the vocals remaining almost untouched.  

If you're not usually a remix person, 'Re-Imagined' may well re-ignite your interest, if nothing else, you need to hear Caravelle's music, be it re-imagined as it is here or the equally beautiful original.
Ana Caravelle - "Where Have You Been?" (Anenon Drone Mix) by nonprojects

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