Bengalfuel - Sprague

Bengalfuel are a duo comprised of long time friends Doc Deem(Joe LiTrenta) and Dentist (Lou DiBenedetto), their work together has seen releases on Isolationalism Records, Rural Colours, Lizard Breakfast Recordings and a self released 6 track piece - Woglum. Each of these has been within the last 18 months.  'Sprague' is the first of a four part series, involving spirit calming ambient sounds, for they cite experiences of living in haunted houses as inspiration for their work, and a need to in some way communicate with these ghosts as a focus.

'Vapourised' speaks in concentric circles, each flowing over each other, the ambient rhythms ebb and flow to disorientate the senses.  Individual notes crescendo and fade, spanning long patient phrases, complimented by echoing notes set in the distance. The track's densely stacked layers are majestic yet touching. 'Polo Technician' breaks this starting form, utilising minimal dub stylings similar to that of Deadbeat or The Sight Below, a rattling programmed beat supplies a skittering pace below the long panning ambient and synth washes. Somewhere in the swirling mass an electronically adjusted voice speaks, but is incomprehensible - perhaps a ghost from the duo's past.

Electronic pulses resonate throughout both 'Forest Ghosts' and 'Concentrate', each focusing on more melodic structures. There is a sense of past memories remembered in both, conjured by the swirling keyboards. Although electronic and heavily processed, the gentle delivery creates a calming meditative stillness that although perhaps intended for otherworldly creatures, also affects the listener.

Available in limited edition (100 copies) 3" CDr in a card sleeve on Hibernate Recordings
Bengalfuel: Vaporized by hibernate

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