Ghosting Season - Far End of the Graveyard

It's been a little while since we've heard new material from the worriedaboutsatan's Gavin and Tom - but there's been good reason. The Leeds based duo have metamorphosised, permanently or temporarily, into Ghosting Season.

As a first release under their new name, and a statement of intent, the pressure is on. 'Far End of the Graveyard' as a whole isn't a million miles away from worriedaboutsatan material, but the duo have clearly been absorbing more dance friendly sounds. These four tracks present elements of a Jon Hopkins or Pantha Du Prince production aesthetic, but with hints of slightly murkier, komische styled beats of Border Community artists Luke Abbott or James Holden, and even suggestions of darker, stranger elements from Tri Angle Records artists such as oOoOO and Balam Acab also.

The title track kicks off with a simple but effective tremble guitar line, backed by a glacially smooth 4 4 beat. As it progresses, dark drones are dropped, keyboard arpeggios give an added dimension: as the main guitar melody re-enters there's a real build of euphoria, until all the elements swirl around us. This delayed gratification effort is used on 'Dead Man's Switch' also, which features vocal back drops, and Ulrich Schnauss-style rolling bass and beats.

Sampling Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis on 'Excercise Us' is nothing short of genius (can't believe its not been done before) Adding 4 4 beats to certain classical pieces isn't anything new of course - William Orbit's Adagio for Strings in G for example -  thankfully though its done gracefully, without sounding gimmicky and adding a sparser dynamic to the EP. Fourth and final track 'Washed Ashore' shows Ghosting Season are not simply all about beats, being a short but pleasing wash of ambient and drone, and highlights the duos ability to create a coherent sound across a release.

As a debut offering At the End of the Graveyard is extremely promising work, I'm certainly interested to see how Ghosting Season develop, and would love to hear a full length from them which takes these sounds even further. If the duo were wondering if their gamble would pay off, then they can relax, if anything though embracing the darker elements promised by their new moniker has got to be the way forward.

Far End Of The Graveyard EP by Ghosting Season

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