Matthewdavid - Outmind

Outmind is the first solo album from Leaving Records boss and LA resident Matthew McQueen aka Matthewdavid, following his collaboration with Sun Araw on a cassette release 'Livephreaxx!!!!' last year.

Here McQueen transports us to his vision of Los Angeles, California, which is as far removed from the stereotypes of the gloss and glitter of Hollywood, Beverley Hills, and the Sunset strip as you can get.  This is the City of Angels viewed through McQueens own eyes - a technicolor parallel universe, with sun beating off the hoods of thousands of cars on the freeway, a sweltering heat bending the air and all surrounded by the smog of the city. His past work with Sweatson Klank aka TAKE is noticable, but it is with Sun Araw that there is closer comparison to be found.

Outmind pans out over twelve tracks of psyche-beat mashup, at points psychadelically dense, to the point of becoming almost lost in the sheer weight of the fog.  In the warped hazziness of 'International' for example, McQueen taps into all the city's radio station frequencies, bending them to his own ends; Dogbite's vocal carries through like a ghost in the machine. Fellow LA producer Flying Lotus makes an appearance on 'Group Tea', where you can just about make out Cosmogramma-esque harmonies through the scorcerers mist McQueen conjures around them. At other times, the heat evaporates, the air clears. The crystalline structures of 'Epic Swan' illlustrate this perfectly, and 'Floor Music' also, has echos of Vangelis' Bladerunner soundtrack; McQueen's own altered vision of a future Los Angeles.

In fact Outmind shifts perspectives, and metamorphosises into a variety of forms throughout - keeping us guessing what's coming next. It was only during my second listen that things started click, and now, after several listens I feel each track's identity has been won, and there are moments of genius to be found amongst the layers.

'Outmind' is a rewarding listen, with its sci-fi funk beats immersed in distorted psyche-synth washes, brazen hip hop attitude to the kaleidoscopic diffused glow of McQueen's vision of his home town. To be absorbed in the sun.

Matthewdavid - Like You Mean It by BRAINFEEDER

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