Review: Saroos See Me Not

Saroos are Christoph Brandner (Lali Puna) and Florian Zimmer (Lali Puna, Jersey, Fred is Dead, Iso68). Both band and album are named after the their imaginary place this album came into being, it's an idea that fits well with the music. Zimmer left Lali Puna a little while after the band finished touring the album 'Scary World Theory' in 2002, the reason is cited as wanted to persue Iso68 and Saroos.

As a quirky mix of guitar indie/post rock, and electronica, Saroos suggest hints of Beta Band, RocketNumberNine and Sigur Ros. Elements of Lali Puna are there, but it's certainly not the first thing that comes to mind. What you can hear though is the prominence of both Brandner and Zimmer's instruments; drums and keyboards respectively. Mixing in pensive guitar lines ,samples and at times heavily distorted bass produces a swirling wall of sound, less stark and obtuse than Lali Puna.

The pulsing beat of opener 'Lobster Claw' is joined by strange bubbling muted sounds a la 'The Ideal Crash'-era dEUS. Climaxing via a crescendo of sirens, the track slides back into a rolling laidback beat. Distorted vocals swirl and spin on 'Daylight Chant', again around a solid head knodding beat, thick bass, the keyboard only just recognisable through the malestrome of noise.

'Fog People' conjures up Thriller-esque images, erie guitar feedback and bass through distortion pedals. The big sound of 'Scott' - tribal folk-drums, strange flutes is a real journey through the darkest depths of Saroos. 'Yukoma' is a sublime lovely piece with rising chords and a vocal that makes you feel all is well in the world.

'See Me Not' is an instrumental album, widely percussive and subtly quirky - in keeping with Lali Puna 'oddness' but essentially very different music. There's a constant feeling of movement, whether it's through the percussion and beats, or the swirling synths and whispering vocals. I can imagine their live show being euphoric experience, with all out Beta Band-style jams, moments of shoegazing clarity and an immediate feeling of nostalgia as you left to go home.


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