Review: Solo Andata - Ritual

Kane Ikin and Paul Fiocco are Solo Andata - 'andata' meaning, in latin, outward journey (or the latin verb 'to go'). Ritual is the duo's third album, following 'Fyris Swan' on Hefty and a self titled release on 12K.

Geological reference, or the aggregation of sounds (or Buddhist reference to a category of sensory experiences?). First track 'Aggregate' begins as a disconcerting texture of nocturnal creatures and insects. We become immersed in an all surrounding environment, alone and detached from reality.

The dark ambient meditation of Carving is entrancing and menacing. Funeral gongs strike to mark a disciplined phrasing, which repeats with slight difference each time. Eventually arriving at the sea, this is light relief before moving forward into 'Myrmecia'. Another latin word, 'myrmecia' are a type of large ant endemic in Australia, you can hear them crawling. Tense dischordant piano, and extra terrestrial electronic notes provide a shadowy backdrop. Researching the myrmecia species throws up connections with philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer's work 'The World as Will and Representation' who talks about the bulldog ant [myrmecia] as an example of the strife and constant destruction endemic relating to the "will to live". This is a believeable reference given Fiocco's studies were in philosophy, and adds yet more inquiry and weight to the piece.

The 20 minute long 'Incantare' - in latin 'To charm, to enchant, to bewitch' - is beguiling in nature, cyclical in architecture. This could have been recorded in an abandoned factory, some ancient entity glowing into existence. Muted screams haunt in the distance, producing an abject horror of the unknown.

Etymological references provide a grounding and safe context to what is otherwise an ethereal, disturbing yet immensely intriging work. A powerful, intimidating presence throughout, reminiscent of the 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith, makes this an intense listen. Reminding you that in the end all that's left is yourself in the silence.

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