Review: Tobias Reber

Tobias Reber is an experimental electronic musician and sound artist based in Bern, Switzerland. Originally an electric guitar player, Reber switched to touch guitar and laptop and now composes with a range of audio sources, including field recordings and meticulously constructed samples. In addition to his solo work, Reber is also a member of German group Centrozoon.

Opening track Mundane Concerns begins slowly with pleasing digital noise manipulated and composed with the upmost care. As the piece progresses, its tone becomes somewhat sinister and in addition to small pops and clicks, what sounds like sample of an infant making familiar baby noises is added to the mix. This addition works well and the music treads a fine line between disturbing and experimental.

On the highly atmospheric third track Geisterer, one can hear what may be a Morton Feldman influence, perhaps from the legendary composers classic Rothko Chapel, Why Patterns? Glocker then proceeds to buffet the listener with a repetitive beat for approximately seven minutes. Though the beat eventually wears a little thin, it nonetheless serves to change the character of the music yet again. Indeed, albums such as Backup Aura often fall into a trap of sounding monotonous and too clinical but on each track Reber adds another element to the mix while still remaining cohesive and more organic than would perhaps usually be expected. Thus, on each track the listener is able to enjoy a new and different perspective on the artists own intentions.

Available now from Hyperfunction, Backup Aura is a strong debut release from Reber, a challenging abstract and wholly original experimental electronic album which suggests there is more of interest to come from this talented young artist.


Review by Adam Williams for Futuresequence

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