Oleg Shpudeiko is a music composer and sound artist from Kiev, Ukraine. Self-taught, started composing music in 2003 under moniker ‘Heinali’. His sound is stylistically eclectic, though many compositions are electroacoustic and often incorporate sound processing methods and techniques.

In 2009 he joined the Soloma art group, composed music for installations and performances. In 2011 Heinali’s debut album ‘67 Breaths’ with symphonic music and electronics was released on Arlen. Followed by ‘Air’ on Fluttery Records in 2012, with minimalist, chamber compositions for piano, strings and field recordings. In the same year two CDs, combining spoken word performance and heavy guitar sound, ‘Conjoined’ and ‘Ain’t No Night’ were released on Paradigms Recordings in collaboration with American poet Matt Finney. In 2013, together with classically trained music composer Alexey Shmurak, formed the ‘Blook’, duo that uses sound and music as their instruments, explores interdisciplinarity and actively collaborates with the representatives of the art sphere. Heinali’s live shows usually feature free electroacoustic improvisations. Oleg also works as a music composer, writing music for films, games and other media.