Madeleine Cocolas is an Australian-born, Seattle-based, classically trained composer and musician. She has been commissioned to write music for dance, film and site-specific works for various galleries.

During the years 2013 and 2014, Madeleine embarked on her project 'Fifty Two Weeks', whereby she set out to write a piece of music every week for a year.  The project received critical acclaim and has lead to the conception of her debut album, Cascadia.

"Straddling the amorphous border between classical, ambient, minimal, and drone music, Cocolas's 52 pieces offer an amazingly diverse, panoramic trip through sonic realms both welcoming and disorienting .... Chiming bells rub up against oceanic bass drones, skittering drums dance over protean synth washes. Though a sort of beatific, ethereal vibe ties the project together, the pieces run an astounding range of emotions and palettes given the condensed work period.” Kyle Fleck - The Stranger

Madeleine previously worked as a Music Supervisor, where she sourced and licensed music for a number of award winning Australian television programs, including the International Emmy-nominated shows 'Please Like Me' and 'Dance Academy’.