Siavash Amini is a musician and producer living in Tehran, born in 1987. He started playing guitar in 1999 and formed his first band with Hesam Ohadi in 2001. He started experimenting with computer music software in 2006 and composed music for films and theatre. Siavash along with two other artists released his first album, Spotty Surfaces in 2010 which was released by Mahriz Recordings.

His music is multilayered with micro beats, soul-healing riffs of electric guitar mixed with glitch sonic textures. He has been deeply influenced by the culture of southern Iran where he has spent most of his teenage life.

More recently Siavash's sound is focused around slow ambient phrasing, often ascending into all encompassing drones and accompanied by washes of strings and classical melody.

"Till Human Voices Wake Us is a work of depth, finesse, and beauty with a poignant emotional undercurrent that gives it as gripping an immediacy as you are likely to find in a genre that is considered to be characterized by its unobtrusiveness."

Headphone Commute on Till Human Voices Wake Us

"a hopeful, uplifting presence emergent from within the anguish, something testament to Amini's talent as a composer"

Andy Gillham on Till Human Voices Wake Us