Modern classical composer Joel Pike releases under the name Tiny Leaves. Having appeared on more than one SEQUENCE compilation, we released his EP - 'What We Dream of..' in October 2012 and his stunning debut full length 'A Good Land, An Excellent Land' on CD in June 2013.

"Swimming in sweet currents of blue, reverberating textures, the music goes with the flow. The additional guitar-led sequences are used sparingly, but you never know when they may surface; there’s a sixth sense that they’re always around, just waiting to enter. ‘A Good Land, An Excellent Land’ reclines at first, until her melody changes, and soon rapidly picks up speed; soon, the full beauty is uncovered. Upwards the music ascends, once again turning towards the light, at home in the light, making it pretty much impossible to see where the original motif belonged; that lonely melody, once thought of as a short phrase, is now able to live life to the full, to harvest an emotional response, even though she was composed so long ago."

Fluid Radio on A Good Land, An Excellent Land