This is the last edition of our free download compilation series. After 3 years, 310 tracks and 27,000 downloads it felt like the right time to end things. The process of receiving and curating submissions has been at times a mammoth task, but always enjoyable. Introducing us to a range of new artists, some of who went on to release individual works with us, SEQUENCE has been integral to the development of Futuresequence into a label.

A huge thank you to all the artists who have submitted tracks for each of the albums - those whose appeared and those who didn't. Thanks once again to friends Pascal Savy, Ed Hamilton and Karl McGrath who gave their time and ears to listen to all 200 or so submissions and help curate the final tracklist you see here.

Thank you for listening, and supporting us over the past 3 years. We hope you enjoy the album, please do share on your networks, this really does help with its success and brings these artists to new ears.

Final edition in the SEQUENCE series.

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