The first in our long form track series is by Athens, Greece based multi-instrumentalist Zenjungle. His mix of instrumentation on ‘..Yesterdays' makes for a potent auditory experience, solidifying the glimpses of memory with elements of disonnance, ethereal vocals, and melody. At just over 22 minutes long, the piece blends tense noise textures and rhythm, with haunting sax, clarinet and flugelhorn notes carrying the listener across dark and sometimes inhospitable environments.
With releases on Twiceremoved Records(AU), Catalogue of Wonders (UK) and Flaming Pines(AU) this is Zenjungle’s first artist release with Futuresequence, following his track ‘Tre Passi’ on the eighth edition of our SEQUENCE series.
Zenjungle: Electric guitars and noises, alto clarinet, tenor saxophone, field recordings, synths, voice
Flugelhorn samples courtesy of Nektarios Manaras

First in our long form track series.