Drenched in endless rainfall, Drombeg's remote home in County Kerry, southern Ireland sits beneath towering mountains, and water-soaked hills.

Atlantic ocean facing; the landscapes bears witness to the cyclical power of nature everyday, water running down winding rivers to the sea, over and over again.

Creating a collage of samples and field recordings, Thom creates layers of redefined natural sound, processed through computer and tape before adding improvised piano, effected guitar and 'a houseful of other string instruments'. The end result is an immersive sound as the untouched as the landscape which inspired it; hidden valleys, high coastal cliffs, ancient woodlands, megaliths, stone circles, and forgotten lakes. To the disillusioned of the modern world, it is paradise.

"There are times in my studio when I am so deeply involved in the process that I completely lose my sense of self. As listeners we swim so deep into sound that we forget where and who we are. And when we manage to come up for air we are breathless but cleansed, like deep sea divers. These songs are my recollections, my notes from the ocean floor."

Four track EP from southern Ireland based composer Drombeg.

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