Irish composer Karl McGrath employs a unique approach to create beautifully constructed, and keenly observed emotional electro-acoustic pieces. Under his alias Zvuku, Karl has had a handful of releases to date, other room listening is his first full length album. Living just over the Dublin / Co Wicklow border, his home looks out over mountains in the West, these and the surrounding landscape have inspired and informed the dynamics of these pieces.

This sense of place is evident throughout the album, and progressed through his approach, which began with recordings of live instrumentation - guitar, violin and piano - and minimal editing or interference with the resulting sound. By leaving hiss, room noise in the recordings, and 'mistakes' in his playing, each track retains a human element which delivers a presence of emotion for the listener to experience.

Recorded either in one take, or a handful of sessions, processed and edited in the most part through outboard effects. Karl's intention to create an ebb and flow of movement via these contrasting walls of sound and quiet interludes is brilliantly realised, weaving the listener into a captivating journey; at once intimate and expansive. Released in a limited edition of 50 hand numbered CDrs in recycled card sleeves, with cover art insert.


1. Logpile
2. Cold Yellow Red Blue
3. The Long Walk
4. Matches/Sticks
5. Cold Yellow Reprise
6. Lastone

Electro-acoustic ambient pieces from Irish composer Karl McGrath aka Zvuku.

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"The way this record balances the sense of different spaces – the hiss of recording, the physical presence of the player, the distance produced by echo, delay, reverb, the imaginary space of granular processes – all adds up to a confident statement, a possible way of working with and revealing sounds. And the rush of noise, the canny piano playing, means it’s a great sounding one too."

Fluid Radio

"That voice of McGrath’s is as convincing here in forty minutes as on his earlier, shorter works, or perhaps even more, and he can be proud of this first album, a masterpiece in the traditional sense: a test of skill that proves a former apprentice has got what it takes."

Evening of Light