It's nearly 2 years since the first edition of the SEQUENCE series was released. For me, SEQUENCE6 marks something of a completion of a cycle, the cadence in a musical phrase perhaps. That's not to say that this will be the last in the series, but something about it feels like a landmark; just because you've reached the top of the mountain, doesn't mean you never want to climb again.

Overall SEQUENCE6 feels like a more experimental album than its predecessors, pushing into darker more inquisitive environments; making it harder to pin down into one particular genre (which can only be a good thing). Even with over 160 track submissions, curatorial we've found myself being tougher than ever in my selections - again, pushing this edition to be even better than the last, and represent the sheer volume and breadth of great experimental music out there. The brief to artists this time was slightly different in that we asked for 100% original / unreleased material. We've kept to this in the most part, with a few exceptions which bend the rules ever-so-slightly.

As ever, tracks from established artists are juxtaposed with those of emerging artists. One of the best things with the submission process is being exposed to new music each time, discovering new artists whose work you can fall in love with,  there are a few artists this time who I would like to work with on individual releases. The element of discovery continues to be my main driver for the series, and I hope this translates to the listener.

The sixth edition in our SEQUENCE series, a free download compilation aiming to showcase the best of the experimental music fields.

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