Ed Hamilton is a talented experimental artist based in London. Sketches for Skomer is a personal account of a specific place in Pembrokeshire where Hamilton has spent much time over the course of his life. An exploration of faded memories; childhood, family, friendships and relationships (both found and lost), all bound by this unique bay on the west Pembrokeshire coastline.

Hamilton's considered approach to sound design creates a intimate persona, enveloping the listener in loops of minimal electronic tones, and gentle ambient backdrops carefully aligned into melodic phrases. Each memory-piece which makes up Sketches for Skomer delivers a series of rich auditory pictures; either of a feeling, place or person, lit by Hamilton's unique instrumental tone and compositional assemblage.

Whilst this release is based on personal experiences and is tinged with a certain nostalgia and melancholy, its exploration of universal themes leaves a pervading feeling of brightness and hope.

Full length album from London artist Ed Hamilton on limited white cassette.

"Hamilton really does have something new to bring to the table, his rhythmic innovations breathing a fresh vitality into a familiar sound and helping to create an atmosphere that is immediately present rather than wistfully remembered. It’s also a remarkably assured and mature-sounding release, given that it’s his album debut."

Fluid Radio

"Hamilton also smartly weaves tactile found sounds in with his laptop-induced layers, creating a hybrid of sound that elegantly references Chihei Hatakeyama’s “Minima Moralia” or a digitized take on Mountains."