Atlantis is Tim Diagram (also releasing as Maps and Diagrams) and has previously released music under the Atlantis guise on the Digitalis ltd, Beko and Handstitched* imprints. Through this alter-ego Tim allows himself to delve into more electronic experiments, utilising classic analog synthesiser sounds, and hazy half-light effects; similar to sonics found on Boards of Canada, Emeralds or Matthewdavid releases - creating imaginatively crafted pieces juxtaposing imagery of the past, and the future imagined from the past.

Illustrating a dichotomy of idealism and dystopia, the narrative that The Lost Island explores is one of tranquility, catastrophe and cataclysmic change, with each piece representing a historical age of Atlantis, from a world of synthesis and veritable optimism, percussive detail prospers and ancient melodies of the old world through shine through to the new antediluvian world which brings together the sounds of overriding deluge and disaster.

All tracks written, recorded and produced by Tim Diagram at Roadmap Studios, Cambs, UK, 2012.


1. Bronze Lake
2. Pyramids of Teotihuacan
3. The Mountain and the Sun
4. Landa's Alphabet

Four track EP from Atlantis

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