The 'Tombs Remixes' EP is a collection of eight re-workings of tracks from Moon Zero's debut release 'Tombs' released earlier this year. Recorded in St George In The East Church in Shadwell, London, Tim's processed organ sound ranges from atmospheric ambience to industrial noise-drone, layered into stunning phrases with tints of melody. Work began on the remix project soon after the release of 'Tombs' with Tim bringing together eight excellent artists to put their own mark on one of the four drone-scapes.

Expect sounds from all points of the spectrum, each remixer has pushed 'Tombs' into new experimental realms, from granular ambient sonics, through fear inducing raw noise and percussive beat loops, to majestic life-affirming dronescapes. In the treatments of their track, each artist showcases their own approach whilst highlighting the uniqueness of Moon Zero's sound. 

Limited edition black cassette and digital EP featuring eight remixes of tracks from Moon Zeros EP Tombs.