Recorded onto an 8-track at St George In The East Church in Shadwell, London last October, 'Tombs' is the debut release for Tim Garratt under his Moon Zero moniker. This four track EP introduces Tim's approach to noise-drone, incorporating melody and structure, delivered through processed instrumentation and filtered electronics.

'Tombs' is, especially for a debut, a bold and confident musical statement, which reimagines the possibilities of processed organ and laptop sounds in a live context. EP-opener 'Dalyan' builds from slowly wavering layers of sound into a crumbling, decaying wall of fuzzed-out, peaking noise, which in turn builds again into ever-moving blocks of chopped loops and feedback, absorbing the listener completely into Moon Zero's musical space.

Yet the real power of the EP is in the fact that Moon Zero's compositions include all of the elements included above, without ever attempting to sound 'like' other noise / ambient / drone artists - the entire EP flows seamlessly from form to form, constituting of some of the most unashamed and fresh takes on musical ideas that are so often presented as tired, genre-defining clichés. A remarkable listen.


Four track EP of dark atmospheric drones from London based sound artist Moon Zero.

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"Not quite noise, and not quite drone, Tombs is a moulding of styles, united by a common black shroud of lively decay and dusty chills where organ-deep reverberations create unfathomable crypts of subterranean sound. Moon Zero has created a special record that deserves a lot of attention; descend those steps, one at a time, into the Tombs."

A Closer Listen -

Tombs is mood music for those who love to fall into every crevasse and corridor of sound possible. Textures are intertwined with one another for statements of sonic penetration and pitfall breaking sections. This is as exploratory and honest as you get in the culture of ambient music.

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