Iranian artist Siavash Amini will release his full length album 'What Wind Whispered to the Trees' on 6th October. Preorder the glassmastered CD in digipack sleeve below.

In ‘What Wind Whispered to the Trees’ Amini references characters from Dostoevsky's 'The Brothers Karamazov' and 'The Devils’. Conveying a sense of loss and of longing from opening track, the album unravels chapter by chapter holding the listener in a dark, dense and poetic tale, as if translating Dostoevsky into musical form. The raw string melodies, fine tonal auroras and contrasting heavy drones are expanded and deepened by stunning mastering from Lawrence English.


1. The Wind
2. Dusk
3. Dark Oak Woods
4. Aliosha and the Fire
5. Maria Timofeyevna Part. 1
6. Maria Timofeyevna Part. 2
7. What Wind Whispered to the Trees

Total Running Time: 41.30 minutes


Full length modern classical drone masterpiece from Iranian Siavash Amini.

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