Hailing from the wilds of North America's mountain state New Mexico, Seth Chrisman is an experimental sound artist who records under the moniker Widesky. With releases to date on Rural Colours, Audio Gourmet and Pocket Fields Within That Aura is his second full length album. Known for an acute sensitivity to sound and keen observational style, Seth's natural skill lies in his ability to craft a range of field recordings, samples, instruments and electronics into captivating ambient soundscapes.

The body of this album is sculpted from processed instruments such as; ukulele, mandolin, chord organ, and piano. Foundations that Seth builds upon to create surface textures which possess a tangible, yet transient quality. Within That Aura moves across an expansive dynamic range, from dense low end hollows, mid range belts of noise-drones and high end pulses producing a never-predictable, always exploratory listening experience.

Five tracks of ambient soundscapes from New Mexico based experimental artist Seth Chrisman.

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