• 1. Isnaj Dui - The Balance We Once Had 04:25
  • 2. Zvuku - Woodpile 05:02
  • 3. Maps and Diagrams - Interchangeable 05:08
  • 4. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Milano 10:21
  • 5. Specta Ciera - A New Name 01:28
  • 6. Talvihorros - Alpha 07:13
  • 7. Western Standards - Quanta 06:36
  • 8. Direwires - Slowing Clocks 00:27
  • 9. Pleq and Spheruleus - A Journey Through Unfamiliar Places 05:43
  • 10. Damian Valles - Court Whisperings 07:12
  • 11. Adam A Williams - Sudden 00:55
  • 12. Bengalfuel - Hermit Crab 01:29
  • 13. Kyle Bobby Dunn - Trisagion of Complete Shit 03:26
  • 14. RareBit - The End Isn't So Bad 02:11
  • 15. Anenon - Commons 02:12
  • 16. Antonymes - My Salvation 04:03
  • 17. Gimu - The Purification 05:30
  • 18. Sevendeaths - A Sinking Relief 04:27
  • 19. Radere - Good Evening, Ghosts 14:02
  • 20. Good Weather for an Airstrike - Aurora 05:18
  • 21. RocketNumberNine - Blue and Black 06:13
  • 22. Franz Kirmann - Nacre 05:06
  • 23. Birds of Passage & Leonardo Rosado - We'll Always Have Paris 05:01
  • 24. Cinchel - Ice and Halo 07:44
  • 25. Robert Curgenven - Looking For Narratives on Small Islands (extract) 02:55
  • 26. Sun Hammer - Tonningsen Bus Stop II 03:00
  • 27. Ekca Liena - Mattie Devore 12:44
  • 28. Umber - In The Dim Light, Like Moths on The Desert 04:26
  • 29. Sun Glitters - Sing 03:45
  • 30. Lakker - Glider 04:55
  • 31. Arcem - Ion Errand 03:32
  • 32. Witxes - The Reason (Avant Take) 04:53
  • 33. Listening Mirror - Unicord 06:48
  • 34. Savaran - Luminosity 05:42
  • 35. ISAN - Pre-Internet Birthday Party 03:51
  • 36. Gurun Gurun - Karumi (offthesky remix) 07:40
  • 37. Glia - SOCHI'OMSK 03:20
  • 38. Keith and Hollie Kenniff - This Time Tomorrow 05:20
  • 39. :papercutz - Disintegration (The Cure Cover) 04:32
  • 40. Benjamin Dauer - Bathyal Realm 06:28
  • 41. Venona Pers - Montjuic 05:49
  • 42. Mark Harris - A Place of Safety, All Things Will Change 07:36

The Artists


Lyon, France

witxes is a sonic entity crashing popular music into singular music. This schizophrenic project, feminine, plural, finds its way in the balance between improvisation and passionate sound research. Roaming, roving and raving are giving birth to melodic spaces fed on colourful sound layers, shimmering textures and residual traces of sonic instants in which everyone can find a place.


London, UK

Rocketnumbernine are brothers Ben and Tom Page, a unique sound on the electronica landscape, they produce jazz-influenced electronica with live drums, percussion and raw electronics.

Robert Curgenven


Robert Curgenven creates a language of moments that draws on the physicality of sound - and not just the physical impact on the body but the way in which sound can shape our perception of space and the flow of time - from the edge of silence to complete immersion.

Good Weather for an Airstrike

Winchester, UK

The Good Weather For An Airstrike project was initially conceived at the beginning of 2009 to help Tom Honey alleviate the issues caused by suffering from tinnitus, which causes a ringing sensation in the ear and can often result in difficulty sleeping. The idea was to create a collection of relaxing sounds which would help induce sleep.



Lakker are a electronic duo from Dublin who write electronic music with a good dash of processed found sound. They also create their own visuals for some of their tracks, which can be seen on their site.

Isnaj Dui

London, UK

Katie English, aka Isnaj Dui, writes neo-impressionistic music using flutes, home-made dulcimers and electronics. She has released several critically acclaimed albums, performed at venues such as the National Portrait Gallery and Union Chapel and has collaborated live and on record with numerous artists from electronica acts to folk bands.

Mark Harris

Birmingham, UK

I am a an Artist / Musician / Programer working in the West Midlands - I have a strong interest in systems and generative processes in music - I aim to create immersive work which gradually develops over time and creates a sense of space and place, and generates a strong emotional response in the listener.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Software developer by day, member of synthetic math-rock band 'American Men' by night, left to his own devices sevendeaths creates a collision of drone, doom and kosmische, a guitarless Sunn O))) destroying Tangerine Dream's greatest hits.

Listening Mirror

Sussex, UK

A collaborative ambient drone project. Working to extract beauty from banality.


Wicklow, Ireland

Zvuku is a musical project of Karl McGrath. He has released ep's on Rural Colours and Heat Death records. His first album will be released on Heat Death records later in the year. zvuku is a musical project of Karl McGrath. He has released ep's on Rural Colours and Heat Death records. His first album will be released on Heat Death records later in the year.



:papercutz is an adventurous electronic pop music act started by Bruno Miguel and now a touring band.


Sarnia, Ontario (Canada)

Finding a niche somewhere just off in the distance from the laptop folk + ambient/electro-acoustic music movement, Direwires is the work of Adam W Young. Adam spent over 15 years creating experimental electronic music in his childhood home and later flats in Germany and Canada.


Wales, UK

Savaran is Mark Walters from Wales in the UK. He is an electronic musician, sound artist and sound designer recording from his home near Shrewsbury on the Welsh border.

Birds of Passage & Leonardo Rosado

New Zealand / Portugal

'We'll always have paris', taken from the forthcoming album 'Dear and Unfamiliar' by 'birds of passage and Leonardo Rosado'.


Fredericia, Denmark / Southend-on-sea, UK

Analogue tone poems on the aural autobahn since 1996


Chicago, Il USA

Started playing guitar at age 16 and became obsessed with making one guitar sound like many. Starting with simple guitar pedals to now using the aid of a computer to further manipulate and extract new sounds. Lately, I have begun to incorporate circuit bent toys and field recordings into these dense minimal pieces.

Specta Ciera

Cambridge MA, USA

My work as Specta Ciera typically comprises of ambient drones, field recordings and avant garde electronics, although I am keen to experiment through different techniques as each new release comes out


Nottingham, UK

Ambient/post-rock musician who writes songs in his bedroom using a variety of acoustic & electronic instruments.

Damian Valles

The Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada

Damian is a multi-instrumentalist who creates ambient/experimental works primarily based around solo guitar, percussive elements, piano, and field recordings. He has released works on labels such as Drifting Falling Hibernate, Under The Spire, Resting Bell, Audio Gourmet, TwistedTreeLine, Left(Field) Recordings, and Standard Form.

Franz Kirmann

London, UK

Franz Kirmann is a french producer based in London. He releases records on his own imprints Photogram and Days Of Being Wild. He's also half of piano / electronica duo Piano Interrupted.


Luxembourg, Belgium

Sun Glitter sound is an ocean of lush melodies, pitch-shifted vocal samples ghostly digi-diva choirs, warm bass melodies driven by alternately dense and relaxing beatwork combinations between downtempo and wonky beats.


Beacon, NY, USA

This 25 year old artist has a soft spot for magnetized plastic strips and would rather be slept on than asleep.


Vila Velha, Espirito Santo, Brazil

A self-taught Brazilian experimental sound designer who loves cyclic ghostly music cells + something else

Sun Hammer

Blacksburg VA, USA

Sun Hammer is an American sound artist who loves eating sweets but restricts his intake with a weekends-only limit, adores mainstream rap, utilizes bass for its healing properties, and identifies as an Enneagram Type Five.

Kyle Bobby Dunn


Canadian/Brooklyn composer who crafts slow, often quiet romantic and melancholy suites with a classical tint.


Hopatcong, NJ / Brooklyn, NY


Bengalfuel is the audio/visual project by artists Doc Deem and Dentist. They find inspiration from surrounding ghosts and spiritual entities.


Boulder, CO / U.S.A.

Radere is the nom du plume of Carl Ritger, a North American sound artist. His work strikes a delicate balance between densely textured washes of sound and heavily processed loop structures, all burnished with found sounds and carefully sculpted distortions.


Queens, NY

Salvatore Mercatante is a New York based electronic producer. In the fall of 2011, he will be releasing a new EP, 'Under Bridge,' as a follow up to his last album, 'Over Bridge.' 'Ion Errand' is a selection from his new work.


North Wales, UK

Antonymes is designer, photographer, conceptualist and musician Ian M Hazeldine, making music from the wilds of North Wales, a very strange, fantastic, ultimately unreal place of mountains, streams, woods, villages and obscure wilderness.

Western Standards

Houston, Texas USA

Western Standards is the solo electronic/experimental project of Major E. Miller. The debut album Energy Centre was released in mid-2010 followed by Space is a Place in Feburary of this year. Several releases are planned for the near future.


Los Angeles, USA!/rare_bit/

A 24 year-old professional illustrator, graphic and sound designer originally from the Pacific Northwest of America and now living in Los Angeles, RareBit’s music thrives on controlled chaos.


Los Angeles, USA

I am a musician and the founder of Non Projects, a creative music label based out of Los Angeles. My current interests reside in the ever changing intersection of Heart and Ability in the fields of music and sound.

Venona Pers


UK-based ambient/electronic band Venona Pers create dense collages of acoustic sounds and computer-generated noise. Drawing inspiration from ambient sound manipulators and mixing in early shoegaze inspiration they produce sumptuous, blissful, bucolic textures.

Keith and Hollie Kenniff

North Carolina, USA

Ambient side project from husband and wife duo Keith and Hollie Kenniff. Keith records as Helios, and Goldmund, and (also along with Hollie), as Mint Julep.

Gurun Gurun

Prague / Pardubice / Ostrava / Czech Republic

Gurun Gurun is a Czech-based experimental, weird ambient & improvised music collective. Their debut album was released recently via Home Normal.

Pleq & Spheruleus

Warsaw/Poland and Bourne/UK

Pleq Spheruleus

Pleq is the solo project of Bartosz Dziadosz, an experimental musician who combines elements of drone, down tempo, glitch and modern classical. Harry Towell is a UK sound designer from a small town called Bourne, in Lincolnshire. Aside from running the Audio Gourmet label he also records music as Spheruleus.

Adam A Williams

North Wales, UK

Adam A Williams is an experimental musician based in North Wales. Working with guitar, toy keyboards and field recordings, Adam's previous works have been released on Hibernate Recs, Audio Gourmet and Cathedral Transmissions.

Ekca Liena

Brighton, UK

Ekca Liena is the recording alias of Daniel W J Mackenzie, a musician based in Brighton, England who also forms one fifth of psyche drone group Plurals and has self-released a piano based album under his own name. His style varies from release to release but concentrates mainly on electronic, post-rock and doom influenced ambient and drone music.

Rafael Anton Irisarri

Seattle, USA

Rafael Anton Irisarri is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, curator, producer and interdisciplinary artist. He is predominantly associated with post-minimalist, drone and ambient music and has been exploring textural electronics for over half a decade. Irisarri is best known as the main member of electronic/shoegaze outfit The Sight Below.


London, UK

Talvihorros is the guitar driven moniker of British composer Ben Chatwin. Exploring numerous techniques to coax a myriad of sounds from both electric and acoustic guitars. Compositionally he creates dense and dark sound collages augmented with organ, harmonium, mandolin, bells, synthesizer and waves of electronic static.

Benjamin Dauer

Washington, DC USA

Benjamin Dauer is a Washington, DC based musician and composer who explores the boundaries of modern music through experimentation and play.

Bonus Artwork

Bonus artwork has kindly been supplied by artist/photographers/illustrators from around the world. Each image compliments and extends the music on SEQUENCE1 providing new perspectives and adding to the overall creative and collaborative ideal. Big thanks to: Lindsey Thompson, Chris Koelle, Tim Martin, Jonathan Lees, Lauren Brett, Daniel Salemi, Coline Termash, Ian Hazeldine, , Jordan Chatwin and Natalie Nicklin.

Click on an image to see a larger version and credits

About Sequence1

31st August 2011 marks a year since Futuresequence's launch, I knew I wanted to do something to celebrate this but wasn't quite sure what. Asking our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ followers for suggestions, one idea was to put together a compilation of tracks contributed by various artists. After a quick think, I decided to do it and SEQUENCE1 got underway. That was just over three weeks ago

The response I recieved from artists was genuinely overwhelming, I've been bowled over by the number of people wanting to be involved - artists who we have interviewed, reviewed, had mixes from or had been in contact with in other ways. There is a mixture of exclusive tracks, edits of existing tracks, some from forthcoming releases and from past releases. In all instances I couldn't be happier the tracks, and the lineup we have.

My intention with SEQUENCE1 is to celebrate not only the 1st year of the site, but the breadth and quality of the electronic and experimental music 'scene'. There is such a strong sense of community within this field, and it's great to feel part of it. I'm very excited about SEQUENCE1, this is why we do what we do isn't it? Because this music excites us.

Thank You

There are of course many thank yous to make, because without others input Futuresequence would not have been possible. First and foremost I want thank my wife Sophie and our four children for their constant support, be it knowingly or not, and Adam Williams who has been a source of encouragement, and helped me no end with my faultering attempts at writing.

To Jean Claude Majorel (Gacougnol), Leonardo Rosado, Jonathan Hill, Daniel Gregory, Brian Simon, Jonathan Lees, Ian Nichols, Ian Hawgood, Jeff Owens, Jeremy Bible, Ian Hazeldine, Damian Valles, James Heather, Jonathan Thompson, Colin Herrick, Vincent Fugere

To all the artists who have taken the time to send me their work, and to everyone who has contributed a mix.

And of course, a thousand thank yous to each and every reader & listener who has visited Futuresequence.