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  • 1.Maps and Diagrams - Domane
  • 2.Rhian Sheehan - Liber
  • 3. Widesky - ____ is Also Movement
  • 4. Felicia Atkinson - Entomology
  • 5. The Oo-ray - Moonsoon Season
  • 6. Zvuku - Cold
  • 7. Le Berger - CH=CH2
  • 8. Ed Hamilton - Arabesque
  • 9. Hakobune - The Leaf Strewn Path
  • 10. Beautiful Bells - Panic Attack 2
  • 11.Subnaught - Mideast Throb
  • 12. DIAL.81 - Vacant View
  • 13. Marta Mist - Tonnes
  • 14.Pascal Savy - Falling Apart in Slow Motion
  • 15. Echaskech - Tundra
  • 16.Seaworthy - A Favourite Path
  • 17.Hybernation - Occident Express
  • 18.I've Lost - In This Cold, Empty Place
  • 19. Guy Gelem - Recent Waves
  • 20.Nobuto Suda - Repetition and Research
  • 21.Damian Valles - Lake Effect
  • 22.Borealis - Skyhall
  • 23. Jannick Schou - we are safe in this room filled with cold sunlight
  • 24. Guy Birkin - Bramble
  • 25. Nils Frahm + Anne Muller - 7fingers
  • 26. A Setting Sun & Radere - VII
  • 27. Saaad - Forget Our Debts
  • 28.Hallock Hill - Found Object 6
  • 29.Nils Quak - Still
  • 30. Get Effect - Under the Lake
  • 31. The Inventors of Aircraft - Leaving Sequence
  • 32.Small Scale Collisions - Walking Through a Cloud
  • 33.Thisquietarmy - Aeronaut
  • 34. Aeroshell - Citizen of Cosmos
  • 35. The Eternal Twilight - Another Quiet Afternoon
  • 36. Michael Oldham - That Distant Morning
  • 37. Josh Mason - Freedom Time
  • 38. Specta Ciera - Sleepy Tea
  • 39.Darren Harper - melting snow, wind thru trees
  • 40. Sima Kim - Tribute to no-one
  • 41. Attilio Novellino - like 50,000 disembodied screams
  • 42. Josco - Fade
  • 43. Ghosting Season - Exercise Us

The Artists

Michael Oldham


London based composer/musician

Attilio Novellino

Catanzaro, Italy

Attilio Novellino (born in Catanzaro in 1983) in which guitar loops, samples, electronic filtering, field recordings and piano melodies are used to build dreamy and melancholy soundscapes, to draw floating layers of material that decomposes slowly, to launch dronic textures that become noises.

Ghosting Season

Leeds, UK

Ghosting Season was born in 2011 out of the foundations of worriedaboutsatan, the band we have toured and recorded as for over half a decade.

Darren Harper

Nederland, Colorado

ambient/experimental sound artist, photo-novice, father, husband, counselor

Marta Mist

Leeds, UK

We're interested in peeling paint on old front doors, empty and flourishing flower pots, going home, the unexpectedness of 35mm, old keys, the warm bit where the bed rests against the radiator, familiarity, and days out.

Beautiful Bells


Beautiful Bells is the Alabama-born Justin Peake, who now splits his time between New Orleans and Brooklyn.

Ed Hamilton




Romain Barbot & Greg Buffier are Saaad, creating Ambient, Drone, Psychedelic

The Eternal Twilight


The Eternal Twilight was started as an internet based colloboration project between Noor(India) and Abbas(Pakistan).

Rhian Sheehan

New Zealand

Rhian Sheehan is a New Zealand based producer of cinematic styled music who is known for his unique melding of experimental electronica with orchestral music and environmental sound recordings.



Josco is Gerard McDermott from the Republic of Ireland. He has released one EP on Somehow Recordings and is currently working on three different projects, all to be released in 2012.

Jannick Schou


Jannick Schou is a Danish sound-artist making ambient/microsound/drone music . He is also known under the moniker Cylon.

Maps and Diagrams



Blair (DIAL.81) French is an artist from metro detroit, who began as an emcee back in the mid 90's, and is now exploring instrumental music/and film.

I've Lost


Bobby Jones, who records as I've Lost, creates guitar-based ambient musical works, which are really hard to simply fit into just one category. The music has been described as minimalist, ambient and, in a recent review, "Post-Rock for Whales"



Hakobune aka Takahiro Yorifuji uses layers of guitar to create sonic landscapes.

Nobuto Suda

Kyoto, Japan

Uses an electric guitar to create ambient drone.

Guy Gelem


Guy Gelem is an Israeli Composer living in Prague. He has released two full length albums and three ep's so far.Gelem is creating music for contemporary dance,theatre and other art forms projects.

Nils Frahm & Anne Muller


Frahm and Müller have built a world where modern classical and electronica collide creating an 'intoxicating and delicious' collection of songs. (P) 2011 Erased Tapes Records Ltd. Used with kind permission from Erased Tapes.



Drone/experimental project from Montreal; releases on Denovali, Aurora Borealis, Alien8, Basses Frequences, three:four.



Borealis is a project alias of Jesse Somfay. The glowing star-core within Borealis radiates solely to spread subtle quantum coherence with those sharing the vibrational experience at any point in nonlocal reality whether within time or without.


Oakland, California

Subnaught derives from a technical term signifying a reference or fundamental quantity.

Sima Kim

Portland, Oregon

Sima studied musicology in his university days, and his main theme is between the things ; mainly silent and note.

The Inventors of Aircraft

London, UK

The Inventors of Aircraft is a London based music project helmed by Phil Tomsett with releases on Rural Colours, Audio Gourmet, Resting Bell and Serein (Netlabel release.)

The Oo-ray

Portland, Oregon

Half Scientist, Half Cellist, All Shoegazer.

Kirill Platonkin & Aeroshell

Russia / Oakpark, IL

Kirill Aeroshell

From the Russian Far Eastern town Blagoveshchensk, a land of permafrost, coldness and oblivion, Kirill Platonkin crafts drone ambient music of different shades: dark, grey and multicoloured. Electronic musician/percussionist/graphic designer from Oak Park, IL. An Art Director by day, Aeroshell creates textured soundscapes and downtempo full of emotion and color.

Josh Mason

Jacksonville, Fl

Josh Mason currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with his wife Allison and plays music in Twin Cousins and Swimming. In his spare time, what little of it he has, he puts out records on his imprint Sunshine Ltd and supports the economic suicide of "bringing art to the people" as the Peredvizhniki did in the 1870's

Hallock Hill

New York

Hallock Hill is the musical nom de plume of Tom Lecky, a New York-based guitarist. Using a variety of electric, acoustic and lap steel guitars, Hallock Hill creates layered improvisations. His albums 'The Union' and 'There He Unforeseen' were released in 2011.



Echaskech are schizophrenic London based producers Dom and Andy. Sometimes slow and quiet other times fast and noisy.

Le Berger


Ambient textures and tonal ventures accomplished with primitive means and scarce source material.



Stuart Bowditch (Hybernation) is a sound artist, composer and DJ inspired by location and the objects, people and experiences he encounters there.

Get Effect

Glasgow, UK

Writes emotive, shoegaze-derived, yet heavily processed music using guitars, time-stretched drum hits and plenty of field recordings to create evocative soundscapes that dream of a better time and space.

Guy Birkin

Nottingham, UK

Guy Birkin is a visual artist, musician and researcher in the perception and measurement of aesthetic complexity, using algorithmic processes to generate audio and visual material, and using methods from information theory and experimental psychology for analysis.

Nils Quak

Cologne, Germany

Nils Quak is ...

Small Scale Collisions

Glasgow, UK

Small Scale Collisions are a Glasgow based collaboration who make haunting, impressionistic music that is subtle yet steeped in nascent ambiguities.


New Mexico, US

Widesky is the moniker of Seth Chrisman, experimental musician based in the Pacific Northwest.

Felicia Atkinson

Brussels, Belgium

Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier is a musical fantasy born in a trailer by the woods of upstate New York during summer 2010 by the French based in Belgium Felicia Atkinson. Since then, those sounds in wonder have been collected by Stunned, Digitalis, Kaugummi, Folkwaste library, Ruralfaune, No kings, I had an accident, ...

Pascal Savy

London, UK

Pascal Savy is a self-taught musician and composer based in London, UK. He creates organic ambient music, as a way to reflect on beauty hidden in unexpected places.


Inner West, Australia

Australian artist Seaworthy (aka Cameron Webb) explores environmental sounds and the music they inspire.


Wicklow, Ireland

Zvuku is a musical project of Karl McGrath. He has released ep's on Rural Colours and Heat Death records. His first album will be released on Heat Death records later in the year. zvuku is a musical project of Karl McGrath. He has released ep's on Rural Colours and Heat Death records. His first album will be released on Heat Death records later in the year.

Specta Ciera

Cambridge MA, USA

My work as Specta Ciera typically comprises of ambient drones, field recordings and avant garde electronics, although I am keen to experiment through different techniques as each new release comes out

Damian Valles

The Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada

Damian is a multi-instrumentalist who creates ambient/experimental works primarily based around solo guitar, percussive elements, piano, and field recordings. He has released works on labels such as Drifting Falling Hibernate, Under The Spire, Resting Bell, Audio Gourmet, TwistedTreeLine, Left(Field) Recordings, and Standard Form.

A Setting Sun & Radere

Boulder, CO / U.S.A.

A Setting Sun and Radere came together thanks to a shared love of drones and mainstream rap music - an odd, yet somehow fitting, dichotomy. Since their initial meeting in NYC nearly 2 years ago, they'e moved to opposite ends of the country but have maintained a close working relationship that shows no signs of slowing down.

Bonus Artwork

Bonus artwork has kindly been supplied by artist/photographers/illustrators from around the world. Each image compliments and extends the music on SEQUENCE2 providing new perspectives and adding to the overall creative and collaborative ideal. Big thanks to: Lindsey Thompson, Daniel Salemi, Coline Termash, Dan Lisowski, Meryem Yildiz, and Natalie Nicklin.

Click on an image to see a larger version and credits

About Sequence2

SEQUENCE2 continues the sequence series curated by Futuresequence - aiming to showcase the breadth and depth of experimental music around the world right now. With a clear focus on supporting independent artists and labels the compilations hopefully provide a platform for emerging as well as established artists.

After the success of SEQUENCE1, whether to continue the series wasn't a hard decision to make. More than anything I really enjoyed the whole process of putting the compilation together; gathering and choosing tracks, getting to know the artists better, creating the artwork, promoting the release - the whole thing.

As a statement of intent then, the series will continue with a compilation release every few months, showcasing the best of experimental, electronica, ambient, drone, noise (etc) has to offer.

Thanks to all the artists involved, and to you for listening. Please help support the artists by sharing SEQUENCE2.